Here is a list of some fun and informative websites to visit:

Watch Smiling Lizard videos here!

A song inspired by my experiences in the Virgin Islands.

Vacation rentals on the lovely island of St. John.
Supporters of Smiling Lizard Research!

Located on the island of St. Thomas, Coral World is rich with native marine and terrestrial plants and animals.  A fun and educational place to visit.
Some of the plants and animals in Smiling Lizard's online nature guide were photographed here!

Learn about Virgin Islands marine life and some of the marine research contributed to by the author of Smiling Lizard's online nature guide.
Also, follow the links on this site to learn more about the University of the Virgin Islands.

Virgin Islands Now - a great resource about
vacationing and living in the Virgin Islands.

Fun and addictive games!

He is here.

Father Sanchez's inspirational site that is full of detailed information and photographs of the natural history of the West Indies.
A fantastic collection of knowledge and pictures from around the world.

A fantastic resource for energy saving tips and programs for sustainable development.

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